Transformer Ratio Meter

We offer Transformer Ratio Meter to measure Transformer Ratio, Phase Difference and Excitation Current at 240Vac. Both Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer Ratio Meters are designed with state-of-art RISC Microcontrollers. Various options that are offered are -

Transformer Ratio Meter Models:

  • 1 Phase
  • 3 Phase

Transformer Ratio Range:

  • 0.9 to 4000

Class of Accuracy:

  • Transformer Ratio: 0.1% with resolution of 4 digits
  • Phase Difference: 0.1% with resolution of 0.1 Degree

Excitation Voltage Taps:

  • 240Vac
  • 100Vac

Phase Difference Measurement

  • Angle (in Degree)
  • Polarity (Normal / Reverse)

Excitation Current:

  • 1A with resolution of 1mA